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,,I studied fashion design at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic. During creating the fashion collection for my bachelor’s degree, I worked with a synthetic material. Until then my classmates naturally worked with it every day and used it in their designs of fashion accessories. For the first time when applying the synthetics to textiles, I accidentally soiled my own clothes. I didn’t think it was important, so I continued to wear them. And what happened? When I started working with this synthetic material again three months later, within 16 hours my whole face got completely swollen, red and itchy. We immediately ran to the emergency room. They gave me an antidote to reduce the level of histamine. That’s a hormone that increases in our body when it undergoes an allergic reaction. I received intramuscular injections every day and it took me about three weeks to heal completely. That’s why I decided to start studying into depth how textile materials and other components are made and especially what are they made of.’’

Mgr. art. Sona Vidiecanova
– designer and founder of brand Créeme

Made with love for simplicity.

In fact, cotton does not grow in white colour from the soil. Well, that’s bleached. But it naturally grows in beige or brown colours, similar to human skin. And that’s absolutely amazing! It does not have to be dyed. Moreover, according to business dress code, we should actually only wear a nude bra under a white blouse. So, thanks to its neutral colour, you automatically reach for it in your closet and plus you have one less decision  to make on that day.

Made to protect your health.

From early in the morning, lingerie is touching our skin all the time. According to dermatologists, synthetic fabrics and wool tend to cause itching and irritate sensitive skin, that’s why they recommend wearing only 100% cotton in light colours. Cotton is appreciated for its comfort and easy care. In summer it is breathable and in winter it keeps us perfectly warm. However, if grown or dyed with toxic chemicals, our skin naturally absorbs these substances while we are wearing it. (More about our cotton here.) Therefore, just as we carefully choose organic foods, so should we select the materials that will come into contact with our bodies. After all, the skin is our body’s largest organ, so let’s protect it.

Made with respect for nature.

That’s why at Créeme, we make natural lingerie for every day according to our own design. We use only 100% organic undyed cotton. Thanks to this, we support organic farming and protect local rivers, and thanks to its neutral color, we protect your sensitive skin. And there’s one more reason why we use 100% cotton. From the beginning, we think about to recycle the underwear into a new fiber after use and making a new textile again. (More about circularity here.)

Udržateľná spodná bielizeň od Créeme

When did we start?

We launched the Créeme brand in 2017, right after winning the Best Sustainable Brand competition in Prague and after a successful crowdfunding campaign. As many as 341 amazing people from Slovakia and the Czech Republic supported us and enabled us to start small-batch production. From the beginning, we designed the lingerie according to the Cradle to Cradle concept and were only producing in Slovakia at that time. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky with suppliers and manufacturers at first. It took us two years to find the right ones, who understand why we do it and how important the final processing is.

Udržateľná móda od Créeme
Udržateľná móda slovenskej značky Créeme

Lingerie moves with you everywhere too.

When you close your eyes to focus on deep breathing, when you bend over to take your child into your arms, when you press yourself to your loved one. Lingerie moves with you everywhere too. We often wear lingerie out of necessity and functionality. We completely forget to enjoy wearing the lingerie that we put on to make us feel amazing here and now, not just because there is a special occasion. We want to inspire our customers to love underwear and themselves, to enjoy Créeme natural lingerie at this moment, and to protect their health as well. We support the natural beauty, diversity and softness of women. We choose a world where we all respect each other as women.

Créeme - Udržateľná spodná bielizeň - Sustainable Underwaer
Créeme - Udržateľná naturálna spodná bielizeň