Panties size chart

Perfectly fitting lingerie makes your day better, right? In case you need help with choosing the right size, feel free to write to us at are ready to advise you.

All panties are available in sizes from EU 34 to EU 44. The circumferences in the Size Chart are in centimeters. Measure your hips with a measuring tape and compare the number with those in the Chart. That’s how you’ll find the right size for you. One tip – if you find yourself between two sizes, rather choose the larger one.

How to measure yourself?

During the measuring process, choose your natural position, but at the same time stand firmly with both feet on the ground. It is best to take your measurements without any clothes on. The measuring tape should be placed horizontally and wrapped around the widest part of your hips and buttocks. The tape measure should be straightened and placed horizontally around you, but not too tight.

Is Créeme natural lingerie elastic, even though it is made of 100% organic cotton?

Yes, it is elastic. We recognize two types of textile fabrics based on how they’re made – woven and knitted. For example, shirts or trousers are made of woven fabrics, which are strong and do not stretch. On the other hand, for example T-shirts are made of knitted fabrics, which are elastic. Créeme natural lingerie is made of knits, so it is elastic, but still free of synthetic materials such as Lycra or elastane, which were created to make the fabric more flexible and could sometimes stretch by up to 30%.