Yoga bralette Mia (beige)


The Mia Bralette  is designed for the love of yoga. It is made of double-layered cotton, thereby it stays in place even in the hardest yoga pose. And of course, it works with any other type of exercising too.

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The Mia Yoga Bralette is made of 100% organic undyed cotton.It is available in beige, the natural color of cotton, to support your positive energy.It is healthy, also suitable for women with atopic eczema, contact allergy or sensitive, intolerant skin.We support your natural beauty, comfort and health in one piece.It has adjustable straps.The bra is double-layered and without wires.It keeps you warm in winter and is extra breathable in summer.Both models are wearing size M.

We use 100% GOTS organic naturally grown cotton.Components are made from nickel-free brass, custom-made directly for Créeme in the Jablonec area in the Czech Republic.Our production is mainly located in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.We cooperate with manufacturers who own GOTS certificate.

Please wash thebralette at max. 40°C.When washing, please use ideally a bio washing powder that does not contain these components – phosphates, enzymes or optical brighteners, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which are tenside surfactants, i.e. foaming agents. TAED and EDTA function as bleach activators as well as brighteners.These components are chlorine-based , which is why they are difficult to biodegrade and cause water pollution.After washing in an organic powder, gently hang the laundry and let it air dry.We do not recommend drying this laundry in a tumble dryer.Do not bleach it, it must not be chemically cleaned. Iron at max 110° without steam.